Perfect Balance Bonsai/Orchid Soil Mix 1 Gallon and 1/2 Gallon

Perfect Balance Bonsai/Orchid Soil Mix 1 Gallon and 1/2 Gallon

Perfect Balance Bonsai/Orchid Soil Mix 1 Gallon and 1/2 Gallon

Not all bonsai soil mixes are the same. Matter should be most prevalent in bonsai soil.

There are a number of qualities that are required of a good bonsai soil. Good water-retention: the soil needs to be able to hold and retain.
Sufficient quantities of water to supply moisture to the bonsai between each. Good drainage: soils lacking good drainage are too water retentive, lack. Aeration and are liable to a buildup of salts. Good aeration: the particles used in a bonsai mix should be of.

Sufficient size to allow tiny gaps or air pockets between each particle. Oxygen is important to the health of the roots. Allows fast drainage of water and fresh air to. A soil made mostly (over 50) of humus or compost lacks the needed structure, aeration and drainage, and this can lead to poor health in the roots and.

Our perfect bonsai soil mix is an excellent. Multipurpose blend of various elements designed to optimize drainage, oxygen. Circulation, stabilize ph, increase resistance to fungus and pests, and.

Includes no more than 20 percent baked and sterilized organic and approximately 80 percent. We carefully prepare and mix each bag individually, so no two bags will look exactly the same, however the ratio of ingredients remains the same.

Each of these elements contained in perfect balance bonsai soil mix plays a unique role in making this mix a preferred one. This is rock that is formed when lava cools. Quickly above ground creating a unique rock with many air pockets. These are small pieces of crushed granite. This rock provides silica and micro-nutrients is an environmentally friendly way to protect your plants. Plants incorporate silica into their cell. Wall, which then acts as a barrier against invading fungi such as powdery.

Mildew and pythium (root rot), significantly reducing and, in most cases, eliminating the need to use fungicides and insecticides. Additional silicon is stored as. Protection and support between cells, making plants more resistant to insects.

And other environmental stresses, such as heat or drought. Check our store as we also sell this particular amendment separately. Small black and red lava rock. These are excellent amendments, as lava rocks have good water retention with excellent aeration. Inorganic, it will not break down and bonsai trees can be left in their mix. Particle size is about 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Check our store as we also sell these particular amendments separately. Is pure calcinated clay fired at temperatures over 1,400 f. The professional sports turf industry to aerate clay soil in the infield, absorb excess moisture after heavy rains and loosen the clay.

Well that turface is now used by professional growers, nursery operations, landscapers and as soil for aquatic plants. Bonsai tree growers find that. Turface has an amazing ability to absorb large amounts of moisture and slowly.

Further, it will not compact and has a neutral ph so it will not any inherited problems in the soil but instead, it will probably solve the. It will absorb its weight in water and slowly time release the. Moisture back into the soil. Bonsai, orchids and many other plants benefit greatly from soils containing cork chips because they make the soil more airy and open. It allows roots to work their way in and around the cork’s uneven surface and texture.

An additional benefit of cork chips is that they hold virtually no water, they last years and mix well with other media to make perfect soil mix combinations. Minerals and calcium to the soil. Crushed shell will break down and release good minerals and nutrients into the soil. It also helps keep adverse bugs from the soil and plants, creating micro-habits for beneficial insects and worms. In fact, sprinkling crushed shell.

Around the base of your plants – tomatoes, peppers, broccoli and. And add beneficial calcium to the soil for the fast growing, calcium hungry. Organic and bake-sterilized for the protection of your bonsai.

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  • Brand: Bonsai Soil by Penguin Emporium
  • Model: Perfect Balance Bonsai/Orchid Soil Mix
  • Country of Manufacture: United States
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