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Not only on the earth are a ginseng fruit. And variety: the tree a long, of branches, the hanging rattan, also have the soil of raw: to blossom has grown for many years, also has a current year planting can result. Although can’t say its fill, but at least can also is multifarious, rich and colorful. Can frankly tell you that in the various ginseng fruit. Really don’t have a smell can live 360 years, no one can let a person as “long live the ye”. There are many kinds of ginseng fruit, with physical fitness, prevention and treatment of disease, prolong life live. Mr wu chengen’s infinite imagination, made this beautiful treasure in the history of chinese literature in the novel pilgrimage to the west, however, despite the author extraordinary imagination, mr wu chengen also will the real historical research thorough, xuan zang west to create is “journey to the west”. According to test the proposed longevity hill today known as the ladder in the book mountain, ladder mountain grottoes is one of the early grottoes in china, founded in the sixteen makes, after generations of digging, grand, magnificent architecture, some scholars called chinese grottoes granddaddy. As a buddhist resort, xuan zang west only worship visits here. According to the datang western regions: jingyun two years, xuan zang west ladder up to the mountain worship food ginseng fruit. This period of history that, ginseng fruit is wuwei native specialties. Today many information said that our country widely cultivated ginseng fruit is in the 1980 s the introduction of the origin and at the northern foot of the andes in south america a plant fruits, formerly known as the “pepino”, this is not at all. Through “the datang western region” and other historical records clear to say tomorrow morning before the tang dynasty, the ladder mountain ginseng fruit, ginseng fruit is the original specialty of wuwei, just because the zhang yi remote, by nature, traffic conditions, such as long zhang yishan district people’s information occlusion, concepts backward, ginseng fruit just as food thing, not widely advertised promotion and sales, so the ladder mountain ginseng fruit in a long historical period, is not familiar, through the historical data demonstrate that ladder mountain ginseng fruit is wuwei is completely native products, not imported varieties. Nutritional value “pepino a ginseng fruit” edible rate above 95%, and has low sugar, high protein and rich in a variety of vitamins, amino acids, and the characteristics of the trace elements. According to the analysis, in every 100 grams of ripe fruit, contain protein 1.9 grams, 2 times that of cucumber, tomato, apple pear, golden marshall 9 times; 3.1 grams of total sugar, similar to cucumber, tomato, and far lower than apple pears and golden marshall; crude fat 0.2 g, and cucumber, tomatoes are equal; vitamin c130 mg. Is the 32 times of pear and apple, cucumber 14 times, 6.8 times of the tomato; vitamin b10.2. 5 mg, is 8 times, tomatoes, cucumber, apple 5 times; vitamin b20.27 mg. 9 times that of cucumber, tomato, pear; 0.9 mg carotene, is 2 times of tomato, cucumber 10 times; total amino acid 1818 mg, essential amino acid 253 mg, are far higher than cucumber, tomato, pear and apple; especially the trace element selenium as high as 3.34 mg. Cucumber, tomato, pear, apple’s 8.8, 22, 12, 11 l times. Magnesium and molybdenum 3.44 mg, 3.44 mg, 6.59 mg of iron, the zinc 1.14 mg, 0.39 mg of manganese. Clear from the above analysis, the ginseng fruit “pepino” contains nutrients is really high, also more comprehensive. Food can supplement the body needs, is of high nutrition health care value. High protein is the main characteristic of “pepino a ginseng fruit”. Protein is the main body “building materials”, is the main material basis to continue to life. Proteins are made up of amino acids, and “pepino a ginseng fruit”, the proportion of all kinds of amino acid containing amino acids in line with the need of the human food easily absorbed by the body to use, not only can maintain healthy adults, but also for the growth of children and the elderly anti-aging. All have good health care function. Rich in a variety of vitamins is another characteristic of “pepino a ginseng fruit”. The vitamin c, b1, b2, and particularly rich carotene content. And a class of vitamins are essential nutrients, such as insufficient causes organism pathological changes. Vitamins for prevention of tumor. The attention of medical experts, and vitamin c can prevent tumor argument is put forward. According to the amount of vitamin c were determined, low esophageal cancer high incidence is only send the 1/3 of our country. At the same time, live line c also can soften blood vessels, stimulate hematopoietic function, strengthen the body’s ability to fight infection, to prevent scurvy, a variety of acute infectious disease, liver disease and allergic disease, all have better curative effect. Rich essential trace elements is another characteristic of “pepino a ginseng fruit”. Trace elements constitute the tissues and the essential element to maintain physiological function. “ginseng fruit” pepino rich in selenium, molybdenum, cobalt, iron, zinc necessary trace elements for human body. Of the high content of selenium in vegetables, fruit varieties of exceptions rare. Selenium is a strong oxidizer. To maintain the body’s normal physiological function. Activation of human cells, protect the cardiovascular and other organs; selenium can also stimulate the immune globulin and the production of antibodies, and enhance the body’s ability to fight disease. The world health organization announced that selenium is closely related to the occurrence of cancer. Experts of chinese academy of medical sciences in qidong city, jiangsu province high incidence of liver cancer were studied three nutritional supplement selenium, after eight years of observation, found suits selenium group of liver cancer incidence than the control group on average 49% lower. Selenium inorganic selenium and organic selenium. An overdose of inorganic selenium will produce adverse reactions, organic selenium, almost do not interact with other medications. Take the most safe and effective. And garlic, sesame, asparagus, mushroom contains selenium, are the organic selenium. According to reports, selenium can lower blood pressure. 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